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ZTE Z-917 Mobile Hotspot

ZTE Z917 Hotspot device


Your travels take you to blissful locales far and wide. There is a trade-off though: no connectivity. The solution is the ZTE Falcon Z-917, surf the internet on the go, uniquely built for blazing fast speeds even at a distance, even while you travel, even if your location is built with frequency-blocking materials. We like to call it the Millenicom Falcon.

Technical specifications can be found here.

ZTE Z-917 


 Data Only Plans

Millenicom Data Plans come with:
  • Equipment purchase may be unnecessary, we supply the SIM
  • No Contract
  • No Taxes or Fees
  • LTE data usable throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe
  • Unlimited Non-LTE data in the US, Canada, Mexico and in 140+ countries
  • Unlimited Movies … doesn’t use your LTE data: watch Netflix, HBO, ESPN, YouTube and more
  • Unlimited Music … doesn’t use your LTE data: enjoy Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and more
  • Rollover Data: beginning with the first full month of service, all unused LTE data rolls over to the next month, up to 20GB/year

… also 6GB


Only $35 / month

… also 10GB


Only $50 / month

… also 14GB


Only $65 / month

… also 18GB


Only $80 / month

… also 22GB


Only $95 / month

Ultimate LTE Plan


Ultimate LTE Plan: Lightning fast LTE speeds plus you can use the hotspot feature of your compatible tablet, USB mobile broadband device or SIM enabled laptop to share the connection.

Note: The hotspot feature of devices noted above allow connected devices to stream at 512kbps. For an additional $25/month fee that ability will allow all connected devices to stream at LTE speeds.

  • This plan will not function with hotspots or any data first device such as our ZTE Z-917.

During congestion the top 3% of data users (>26GB) may experience reduced speeds.


Ultimate LTE Plan