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Asset Tracking

Where Are My Assets?

Answering this simple question can improve efficiency, ensure asset visibility, and increase revenue.

Using the latest technologies in M2M connectivity, our Asset ID & Tracking Solutions can help ensure your high-value assets are safe, secure and where they should be, even when they aren’t in your immediate area. Thanks to advances in satellite and cellular technology, companies can now target the exact location of vital assets – whether they be people or things – in near real-time, enabling quick and decisive action should a problem or change in scheduling occur.

Use Cases for Asset Tracking:


Companies shipping hazardous materials through remote regions need to have visibility of this all important and volatile cargo. Also, tracking pallets of valuable merchandise as they move from one location to the next can prevent theft, loss and improve real-time forecasting.

Disaster Management

In an emergency, high-value assets need to be deployed quickly, and to the right place. Having the ability to track and locate these assets when needed is paramount to providing prompt relief in the face of natural disasters and other acts of nature.

Fleet Tracking

Tracking moving assets such as a fleet of vehicles, heavy machinery, or equipment can be complex and time consuming, while monitoring driver behavior and vehicle performance affects safety. Our fleet tracking solutions can help prevent loss, improve safety, and provide a level of security that can prevent monetary loss and improve ROI.

All of these cases have a common theme – knowing where, what, and how assets and people are deployed. By tracking and monitoring these assets using the Numerex platform from an application on any connected device, managers can make smart decisions based on factual data. This business intelligence is driving performance and creating significant competitive advantages for agile companies.



A turnkey solution for fleet management, driver behavior, and monitoring of tracked drivers and vehicles.

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Unlimited Satellite

An unlimited satellite tracking solution for assets that are out of cellular coverage and need constant reporting.

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FASTrack PrePaid™

A vehicle tracking solution providing turnkey asset and theft recovery options with a low cost of ownership.

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nxFAST Platform

The Challenge

Cutting through the hype and clutter surrounding IoT platform services can sometimes lead to frustration and confusion when services aren’t delivered. Without a dependable IoT solution provider with demonstrated and proven capabilities, the complexity of building a solution and managing multiple vendors and internal resources can often result in long deployment times and added upfront expense. nxFAST, Numerex’s end-to-end IoT platform, can solve these challenges by delivering these key value added services:

  • Ready-to-deploy, end-to-end managed solutions
  • Pre-integrated devices, networks, and application enablement components
  • Multi-carrier connection and device management

Minimal up-front investment and “bring-your-assets”

Who Benefits From the nxFAST Platform?

Device Manufacturers

Companies who specialize in manufacturing devices or modules need both solutions as well as channels to benefit their product portfolio. Our nxFAST platform can help fill the gaps.

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Mobile Network Operators

MNO’s looking to generate near-term revenue through quick deployment of hosted, vertical solutions which utilize their own infra-structure are a perfect fit for nxFAST.

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IoT Application Providers

nxFAST works great for companies who specialize in developing IoT applications and need technical expertise in device and network technologies and access to growth channels.

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Large Enterprise Users

nxFAST can benefit companies who are developing their own IoT solutions for in-house or product needs and want to leverage expertise from third parties in areas not directly related to their core business.

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Value Added Resellers

VAR’s who are also IoT Distributors in verticals like fleet tracking or safety and security benefit greatly from nxFAST by leveraging critical aspects of the platform, instead of having to develop the expertise in house.

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Tracking Fleets and Monitoring Driver Behavior

Transportation, fleet tracking and telematics is a large, growing segment for M2M technology and the internet of things. Numerex provides cities, local and state governments and businesses with fleet management services through its technology platform that enables smart tracking of an entire fleet of hundreds or even thousands of vehicles. Coupled with driver ID capability, managers know — at all times — who is driving a vehicle, the route taken, and any stops made.This vastly improves accountability and cost savings —two key measurements when taxpayer-funded assets are being deployed.   Consider the case of a sleepy driver who begins to nod off and his truck swerves, if only briefly, into the oncoming lane. As the incident occurs, an alert sounds at the trucking company’s monitoring station. The driver is contacted and instructed to get off the road for the night. Numerex works with customers to develop monitoring systems like these used by transportation companies across the United States and Canada, to dramatically improve safety and enhance productivity.


A large city in the Northeast gets significant, regular snowfall which can paralyze a community and make travel difficult and dangerous for its citizens. Paramount to keeping routes open and providing seamless transportation in and around the city are its fleet of snowplows and salt trucks which maintain the city streets.


Numerex M2M devices and solutions can track vehicle locations and even use driving behavior monitoring systems to enhance operations and improve efficiencies for vehicle fleets of local, city, and state governments wishing to track a fleet of vehicles or other moving machinery.


Numerex supplies vehicle location data coupled with geographic information system (GIS) technology to track the snowplows and salt trucks. During inclement weather, the city uses this tracking information to provide website updates on specific city streets that have been plowed or salted, guiding citizens in making smarter decisions on when and where to travel safely.

Empowering enterprise operations with world-class, managed IoT solutions that are simple, innovative, scalable and secure.

Horizontal IoT Platform

Rapidly deploy your own industrial IoT solution using the nxFAST platform

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Managed IoT Solutions

Solve your IoT challenges quickly with pre-configured solutions built on our scalable, secure horizontal platform

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Vertical Markets

Leverage market ready IoT solutions tailored for your industry.

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Vertical Markets

Managed Solutions Deployed Across Many Different Industries

Waste Management

Asset optimization solutions can efficiently manage and track roll off waste containers that are leased on construction sites. Other applications for the fast growing waste management industry include monitoring and tracking bins, containers, and heavy vehicles.

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Oil & Gas

Tank monitoring solutions excel at monitoring fill levels of remote tanks, as well as managing and optimizing the delivery of bulk lubes and fuels products for distributors and their customers.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Actionable, Intelligent analytics is paramount for the smart supply chain. How to manage this smart data is also crucial for tracking high value assets in the field. Numerex has the know-how to help companies overcome these challenges.

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The transportation industry and government entities understand the need for IoT telematics for fleet tracking and driver behavior solutions to monitor their high value assets including trucks, vehicles, and people.

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Public Safety

In the corrections, probation and parole space, governments, agencies and local law enforcement are looking for ways to track and monitor non-violent, minor offenders while avoiding the expense of incarceration.

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Emergency Management

Satellite solutions provide global managed services where cellular connectivity is spotty or absent for use cases like disaster relief assistance, asset tracking, and supply chain and logistics management.

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Personal Safety

Lone workers and their companies benefit from wearable IoT solutions which enhance their safety in industries where employees operate in hazardous environments or where safety can be compromised such as real estate, elder care, or virtually any workers operating alone in the field.

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Commercial & Residential Security

Keeping families, property, and assets safe and secure with reliable, wireless alarm communicators and home automation services is a promise that Uplink, a Numerex solution, has delivered for over 15 years.

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