Millenicom: 21st Century internet

Millenicom offers blazing fast service, massive data plans, and next-gen technology perfectly suited for today’s needs:


RV & Trucker Internet


Rural Internet Service


Office and Home

Millenicom Internet Service

Blue200 Plan

  • 200GB of data
  • Wide range of device compatibility
  • Check the coverage here
    (Please note: Use in Canada is not allowed)



Millenicom Devices

Use your own compatible device or purchase one of ours.

V4 Universal Router

Includes wifi, ethernet, dual antenna, works with all carriers

B2-B5 / B12-B14 / B17 / B25-B26 / B28-B30 / B41 / B66

V4 Universal Router


Additional equipment to compliment as well as assist our internet service devices are also available.

Z Alpha: Nearly every TV channel, movie and sporting event

Z Alpha service

with a Millenicom data plan

Z Alpha service


Z Alpha device