The Purple Plan works over two carriers simultaneously (fuchsia and blue), it requires the Skyroam Router that uses a virtual SIM ($199.99).

This signup automatically initiates the 25GB Plan for $59.99 but can be upgraded to the following:

50GB  $74.99/month

100GB $99.99/month

200GB $109/99/month

300GB $119.99/month

450GB $129.99/month

800GB $149.99/month

If you wish to have this plan bumped up from the 25GB to one of these other service plans, please inform us in the comments field above the credit card entry at the end of the signup process.




At any future point that you wish for your service plan to be upgraded you can always either email, create a ticket in the Members Center or give us a call at 800-996-1285.